About Us

As professional mortgage planners, we are here to assist you with using your mortgage as a tool that would achieve your both short and long-term financial goals and eventually lead you to the creation of wealth.


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It is important to find the right mortgage product and program when you purchase a home. Here are few tips and strategies to help you prepare for your home purchase and avoid unnecessary steps:




  • Know How Much You Can Spend And Determine How Much You Can Afford

Our mortgage planner can help you:

– Finance your home based on your monthly payment comfort level
– Determine how much cash to use as your down payment and how to allocate your funds
– Understand your before and after tax monthly payments
– Restructure your other debt to free up more monthly cash flow which enables you to improve your home buying budget


  • Know Your Credit Score And History

You may be able to get a better mortgage rate and more favorable loan terms by restructing some of your credit card balances, auto loans, etc. Our mortgage planners can help you correct errors on your credit report and determine which balances to restructure or pay off, in order to improve your credit score.


  • Obtain Full Approval, Versus Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualification

It is recommended to obtain a full approval/ loan commitment from our mortgage planner before you even start looking for a home. Most pre-approval and pre-qualifications are not considered a bona fide commitment from a mortgage lender that in fact has approved you for financing. Many real estate transactions have been cancelled because buyer, sellers and realtors have counted on pre-qualification letters that proved meaningless.


  • Evaluate The Mortgage Products That Will Work Best In Your Situation

It is far better to have a Mortgage Planner who can help you implement the best strategy with competitive interest rates than for you to shop for the lowest rates with the wrong strategy.


  • Do Not Be Confused By Housing Misinformation

It is always wise to base your decision to buy or not buy on facts that would pertain to your geographic area, versus the whole nation. Our professionals can help you evaluate conditions in your local real estate market, such as local housing inventory, local unemployment rate, income speculations & development projects and other factors that can help you make intelligence choices on weather to buy or not.


  • Develop A Strategy For Financing Your Closing Costs, Home Improvements And Furniture Expense

Our professionals will help you understand the costs involved in home ownership, and help you develop a financial strategy for dealing with these costs ahead of time.