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As professional mortgage planners, we are here to assist you with using your mortgage as a tool that would achieve your both short and long-term financial goals and eventually lead you to the creation of wealth.


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refinanceinsideThere are several strategies to take in to consideration when it comes to the refinance of your mortgage:

  • When to refinance:

There are factors that will determine when is the right time to refinance. Changes in the interest rates, changes in your tax bracket, your overall debt structure, equity in your property, employment status, and family planning, are some of the examples that come into play. Our professionals will help you implement viable refinance strategies to conserve your equity, build greater wealth, and provide you with a mortgage to achieve your short term or long term financial goals. Through our periodic equity review, our mortgage planners will educate you on changes in your debt, equity, and provide you with recommended mortgage products as needed.

  • Understand the true cost & savings associated with different mortgage products:

If you are getting cash out of your home equity vs. simply paying off the current balance, you may lose the interest tax deduction on cash out funds. The amount you could deduct is tied into the acquisition loan amount & your AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax). Our Mortgage Planner’s can help you structure your refinancing transaction, along with consultation with your CPA to give you the best overall financial impact for your individual circumstances.

  • Know Your Credit Score:

You may be able to get a better mortgage rate & more favorable loan terms by restructuring some of your credit card balances, auto loans, etc. Our mortgage planners can recommend how to correct errors on your credit report & determine which balances to restructure or pay off in order to improve your credit score.

  • Transaction costs:

With the cost of refinancing lower now than in the past, you might qualify for low or zero cost transactions. Often times there are programs available that would offer you such transactions.

  • Providing the mortgage products that will work best in your situation:

It is far better to have a Mortgage Planner who can help you implement the best strategy with competitive interest rates than for you to shop for the lowest rates with the wrong strategy.