About Us

As professional mortgage planners, we are here to assist you with using your mortgage as a tool that would achieve your both short and long-term financial goals and eventually lead you to the creation of wealth.


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One commonly overlooked mistake is when banks repeatedly encourage people to take out larger mortgages and home equity loans for debt consolidation or to spend more. This often results in spreading your credit cards and auto loans over 30 years, with no real plan to help you become debt free.


On like many traditional bankers, our mortgage planners, help you conserve your home equity, not consume it. This involves helping you implement financial strategies that will get your debt down to manageable levels and help you stay on a track to become debt free.


There is no quick fix, however, our Mortgage Planners can help you implement these three proven steps to help you achieve financial freedom and become debt free.


  • Develop A Debt Plan Of Action:

Often times, you could establish a financial reserve account, by monthly contributions through changing your loan structure and re-allocating your monthly cash flow and changes in certain habits.


  • Implement The Plan Of Action:

Our mortgage planners are able to coach you in implementing your debt reduction plan. Our professionals work in a team environment with CPA’s, CFP’s, attorney and other advisors, in order to obtain a better understanding of your situation and help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.


  • Review And Modify The Plan Of Action

We all experience changes in our lives that involve our income, career, family, health, lifestyle, etc. Our Mortgage Planners, help you review and make modifications to your debt reduction plan as changes arise in your personal and financial situations. In addition there may be new types of mortgage planning products and services that could enhance your plan. The plan review or modification is often referred to as an “Equity Management Review” or “Annual Mortgage Review.”