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As Mortgage Planners, it is our job is to educate new and current clients by showing them how to use their mortgage as a financial tool in order to benefit  over all long and short term financial goals.

Through the use of our updated software, vast product knowledge and by continuously monitoring changes in the market, our Mortgage Planners are prepared to provide you with information such as:

  • How to safely manage your home equity.
  • You're over all blended rate (mortgage and other payments).
  • Estimated mortgage interest write off's ( Based on personal tax bracket)
  • Ways to improve cash flow
  • Necessary changes in your debt.
  • Estate tax issues and use of Trusts' as solution's.
  • On investment properties, how they perform from both cash flow and internal rate of return perspective.


Based on the information you will provide  we are then able to offer mortgage planning solutions that address your needs. We will review these recommendations with you to make sure you thoroughly understand all aspects and listen to any concerns you may have. By doing this we can make any revisions to recommendations as needed so you can make well informed decisions.

We may serve as your coach, coordinating the whole mortgage process with you and other professionals such as CPA's, CFP's, Realtors, Attorneys, Builders, Insurance Professionals & other qualified advisors.

With your agreement, as one of our post closing services, we do monitor the mortgage planning recommendations through our annual & equity management review reports, and provide you with such copies. Through out this process, our mortgage planners can adjust their recommendations, if needed as your life changes. Most often, it involves periodic assessment of:

  • Fluctuating cash flow needs.
  • Changing market interest rates, and mortgage strategies.
  • Income & career alterations.
  • Family changes, such as you're children financial future or care of the elderly.
  • Your real estate investment performances.

Our clients, are not viewed as transactions, but rather as relationships. Insuring we have implemented a defined system of accountability in order to work effectively.

In short, we strive to earn the privilege of becoming a Trusted Mortgage Planner , by providing new and existing clients with extraordinary mortgage value. Placing us as an integral part of your financial life

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